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Transfers are fabricated separately and then applied to any garment, in any position, via heat press technology. Transfers work especially well for requests with flexible materials, as the transfer does not loose its shape or consistency, regardless of the garment fibers underneath.



With Transfers we offer several different options depending on your needs. We can produce the transfer and then press in a required location on any garment that you send to us or we can supply you with the garments you require. Also, the transfer is also possible to order separately without pressing, to apply on your own accord later. From a simple logo to Swarovski crystals, no Transfer is impossible for Rietveld.  

We have state of the art transfer technology that allows us to create transfers that can adhere to almost any fabric, in a whole spectrum of colors and design requests. We print all transfers with a specialized adhesive layer that has excellent washing ability. With transfer printing no position on an article is too small or awkward, it is easy to make an item look completely different with the addition of a transfer in an unusual place.

At Rietveld we have the ability to print reflective transfers in all PMS colors, meaning all logos or images are reflective once applied to the garment. This is not only for all safety clothing like vests, jackets and pants but also special products for fashion-based clothing companies that want to stand out from the crowd. As with all of our products, the reflective transfer technology is quality focused and can be washed many times with full reflective retention.



This process also ensures quality, with the recalibrated image we can send you a design sheet with a mockup, so that you know exactly how the product is going to look along with a clear quotation.

At Rietveld we have our own specific embroidery department with several state of the art machines. Due to our own delegated ‘Studio’ design team we can quickly recalibrate any image or logo ready to be embroidered.


Screen Printer

One of Rietveld’s specializations is textile silk screen printing. We are not restricted to only T-shirts and all other forms of clothing; but a wide range of other products such as bags and flags. Whether it be a photorealistic print on a dark background or multiple colors on nylon or lined pieces, all is possible at Rietveld, with a guarantee of leading market quality and innovative processes.



We have a combination of both fully automatic machines for large quantities and hand machines for detailed custom work.

At Rietveld we understand how businesses run and the processes behind a seamless consumer experience. Therefore we offer a piece packing service along with custom tagging and labeling of each product, so it is consumer ready as soon as it leaves Rietveld HQ.